Saturday, March 24, 2018

Human Trafficking: Homeward Bound

 We left super early and made all of our flights and got back safe which is most important! However, our group grew individually and as a whole in a matter of a week and plan to keep our friendships made on this trip to continue on campus… We became ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! Regardless of how cheesy that may sound.- Tiffany Hull

Friday, March 23, 2018

Hunger and Food Sustainability: Headed Home and Ready to spring into action

This week has given us the opportunity to learn about the ways hunger and proper food sustainability impacts communities. We have so many new tools and pieces of information that our group is excited to bring back to Storm Lake. We have all learned, experienced, and have grown throughout this week. 

Spending the past week in Waco working with the WHRI helped me better comprehend the domestic and international issue of limited access to food. In addition, AWOL provided me with a great experience and I had a good time working with my team, and having the knowledge that all the work we did helped benefit the Waco community is comforting as well. Going on this AWOL trip was a great way to spend spring break! -Justin Graf

Human Trafficking: 4 Sarah Part 2

We all were pumped to work with Kasey again who is the founder and creator of 4Sarah and go out and do direct outreach and see how it is versus just doing behind the scene work. This was a huge eye opener for our group. We went to Fulton Ave. Which is a major location for Strip Clubs and prostitution and where pimps usually have their women work. We went into the clubs an gave women the care kits, and the look on their faces to see that people care and they aren’t just a object was heartbreaking but rewarding to put that smile on their face. When were were driving around and passing out care bags to these women was also rewarding but sad. Some of these women look forward to Kasey and her team bring the bags 1-2 times a month and that’s how they get the products for self-care. It is sad because these women have been given the resource yet don’t try to get the help… we had a few women ask if we had anything to eat because they haven’t been eating only being pimped out. So, Kasey went through Wendy’s and we handed them some sandwiches if they asked for food. One of the most heartbreaking things was, we were driving and came across a empty building and there was a man and two very young children and we asked the children if they wanted a bag and the youngest goes ‘YES WE NEED THAT!!!!” and came running to the car, and they looked neglected and didn’t eat, so we gave them some food and water and the bags that included blankets. The man they were with looked like he was strung out on heroin. Kasey informed us that their mom most likely is out working (prostituting). We turned it in to DSOCS and also the police, but sad thing is that, Fulton and the local neighboring town are fighting of Jurisdiction so most likely nothing will happen… This just was an eye opener of how rough not only the women, but children of women in the industry go through. - Tiffany Hull

Economic Development: Nicaragua

Day 5

Today was our final day in the community, we started in the coffee fields again as we continued to prepare them for the rainy season. We then had to say goodbye to the community, we had lunch with them, the children broke a piƱata, and we spent time dancing, and playing musical chairs before we had to say goodbye. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hunger and Food Sustainability: Farm-tastic

Today was started with our animal chores. After that, we spent the day in the rows planting and weeding. The rows that we were working in help the veggie prescription boxes that the farm puts out. The prescriptions boxes are a program that the farm has with some local clinics to provide nutritional foods for some diagnoses that can be resolved with more nutritional

 food options.

Human Trafficking: Freedom Hill

We went to Freedom Hill. Freedom Hill is a facility to help women in the industry and/or women who have suffered from substance abuse and sexual assault and help those individuals recover and learn some independent living and ways to cope with their “state” with therapeutic therapy, rather that be art, cooking, or even equestrian riding. Once we got a tour and heard testimonies and storied from the women who were at a specific stage of their treatment plan, we then ate lunch that the women made for us which was so nice, and they were so excited that they got to make us lunch. After lunch we then did more landscaping again. This time we were preparing the area where one of their houses/offices are for an open house they will be having in June. We were raking, pulling weeds moving rocks and brush. One of our craziest moments was when Tiffany and Becca found multiple Copperhead Snakes…. (Let’s just say their rock moving days where over at that point). Tiffany Hull